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Audition August 15, 2012

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Confession: audition is one my absolute favorite words!  When I hear it, my heart speeds up a bit, and I remember all the auditions in my life, from middle school through adulthood. The memorization of a monologue, the waiting for my turn to get up on the stage and show ’em what I’ve got, the excitement of finding out which role I’ll play. Yes, I’m an artist, and theatre is my favorite way to express myself.  You might not know this about me because I haven’t auditioned for a play in about 7 years…until now!  This past weekend, I auditioned for a role in Pride and Prejudice at our local arts center.  And I got the role of Lady Lucas.  It’s a small part, but I had written all over the information sheet that I was too busy for a large role, so I’m not surprised.  The first read-through is tomorrow evening.  I couldn’t be more excited!

In other news, I’ve made a goal to run two miles a day for the rest of this month.  It’s going well so far, and gives me hope that I can continue with some sort of exercise on a regular basis.  I’m running on the treadmill, which isn’t my favorite, but I’ll be able to run with the jogging stroller once the older boys are in school.  Now, that’s something I’m looking forward to 🙂


A letter August 2, 2012

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Dear Future Alaska Friends,

Hi, how are you?  I can’t wait to meet you.  What are you up to tonight?  I’m eating popcorn and watching the Olympics (swimming, to be exact) with my husband Eric.  I have three boys – 7,5 and 2 – and the older ones will start school in a few weeks.  I’m a little apprehensive about the winter weather, which I’ve heard will start in October.  I’m wondering when the best time is to buy winter gear on sale, and where to get it.  Are your neighbors as good as mine?  The ones across the street invited us over for a spontaneous BBQ on Sunday.  And the ones two doors down had the boys at their house this afternoon, and I got so much done!  

My youngest son Calvin is growing up so fast, I can’t believe it!  He’s saying a lot these days, and wants to do everything his older brothers do. The thing that makes me crack up is when he crawls all over me on the couch, inevitably hurts me, and when he hears me say “Ow!”, loudly shouts “Sorry, Mommy!!”.  My oldest son, Micah, just recently learned how to ride his bike, and is right in there with the other neighborhood boys.  My middle son Caleb got his cast off, and just started therapy to straighten out his arm and strengthen his muscles.  He’s doing really well with his daily exercises. 

The neighbor that lives two doors down was a professional dancer in NY for 10 years, and is a ballet instructor at the local dance studio.  I’m signing up for the adult ballet class which will start at the end of this month.  

I can’t wait to see what God will continue to do in my heart and life here in Alaska, and I really can’t wait to see how He brings you all into my life!

Love, Katie




Olympics July 29, 2012

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I love watching the Olympics.  When I was little, I would finish watching the women’s gymnastics and make up a routine of my own that involved flips on the bed and balancing on furniture.  The Olympics inspire me, but they also frustrate me!  I want to be that good at something, anything!  But instead I’m a stay-at-home mom where my talents include kissing boo-boos and cooking just about every night for a family of 5.  I remember again that Jesus is calling me to sacrifice and service for His glory and the good of my family. 

We’re trying a new church tomorrow; it’s in Anchorage about 25 minutes away. I’m hoping we find our church home tomorrow!


Heading to Denali July 20, 2012

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As I type, I can hear the older boys happily playing in our cul-de-sac with James, J. Allen, and Kyle.  Calvin is down for a much needed nap after waking up twice last night.  Sleep is different here in Alaska, at least in the summer.  Because it stays light so late, your body tells you that it’s not really time to go to sleep.  But then another part of your body knows you are so tired.  It’s a strange sensation!

I’ve been packing us up for a trip to Denali National Park.  We’ll drive up there tomorrow, and tour the park via bus on Sunday.  We hope to see Army friends on Sunday night, and then Monday Eric will work while I do something adventurous with the boys!  I’m still not quite sure what that will be, but I don’t envision it having anything to do with coming across threatening wildlife.  So, maybe a museum?  My neighbor suggested a lake; we’ll just have to see what the weather is like.  Rain is predicted, but hopefully that will change.

I’m glad we get a break from the church search this weekend.  I think I need an attitude change in that department!  I keep telling myself that God is faithful, and He wouldn’t bring us all the way up the Alcan Highway to this faraway state of Alaska and not provide a church for us, right?


New church July 15, 2012

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We tried a new church today.  It was ok, better than last week’s, but just ok.  I think we have been spoiled by our last two churches – Mars Hill Church and Redeemer Church of Charlottesville.  Both had great preaching and people we instantly connected with.  The church we went to today had pretty good preaching, a solid kids program and praise music from the ’80’s.  Well, maybe the ’90’s, but it felt outdated.  Eric and I disagreed on the preaching.  He thought it was pretty bad, and I told him that at least the pastor was preaching truth and getting to the core of issues instead of skimming the surface (like the sermon from last week’s church).  Ugh.  So frustrating!  I think we may need to broaden our search and be willing to drive a little if we find something that’s worth it.  

In other news, I got my hair cut by my next door neighbor!  How cool is that? 🙂  She cuts hair at a salon in someone’s garage right up the street from us.  My neighbor’s name is Cammie.  She’s kind and welcoming, and did a great job on my hair!  


Starting out July 9, 2012

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I’m an Army wife, new to Alaska and new to this blog.  We left a wonderful community of friends and family (my sister and bro-in-law) in Virginia, and embarked on a new adventure!  In the process we said “goodbye” to friends in VA, visited old friends on our trip across the country, saw family in Seattle, said “goodbye” to family once again and took a long road trip through Canada and the Yukon to the beautiful state we are in now.  I had so much on my mind last night.  Couldn’t get to sleep until 2 am.  The thing about moving so much is that you settle, invest and uproot over and over, and life doesn’t slow down for all the thoughts, feelings and emotions to be processed.  I think last night was the very first time that my heart and brain had a chance to breathe enough to stop and look around and take stock of what has happened over the last six weeks.  The easiest way to write about it is to put everything in two categories: what I miss, and what I love.

What I miss about Virginia:  my neighborhood – the best we’d lived in so far;  my friends; Redeemer Church; hosting community group each month; the fact that I could run errands in about 15 minutes because everything was so close; our front porch, especially on warm summer evenings, and all the visitors to it; living an hour away from my sister, Annie and running races with her; piano lesson days with Christine, which usually included a kid swap; heart to heart talks at the Mudhouse; girls nights out with Joanna and Jen; runs with Elizabeth; Addie babysitting just about whenever we needed her to; and having Eric home in the afternoons for wonderful family time.

What I love about Alaska: our neighborhood with plenty of boys (11, including ours); the long summer nights – the boys playing outside for hours!; the neighbors across the street bringing us dinner the first night; our next-door neighbors baking us cookies the first day; my huge kitchen; the swing set in the backyard; the fact that Fred Meyer is 5 minutes away; and the knowledge that God has planted us here for His perfect purposes.